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Still Point Yoga and Meditation

The heart of Still Point Yoga and Meditation is to reconnect to the simplicity of the present moment, to open the body and mind, and align the spirit. In working with breath, movement, postures and chanting we remember who we truly are and find solace. Avantika's classes and private sessions are open to all levels and abilities. Private sessions are available for clients who are just starting yoga or those who have specific needs.

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Still Point Healing Sessions

Within each of us, there is a still point. A point that is constant and stable. In a Still Point Healing Session, you will awaken and learn how to sustain alignment with this place in yourself. In each session, you will be skillfully guided and intuitive dialog will arise for the purpose of release. It is an appropriate modality to explore during times of loss, transition, and when you would like to strengthen your connection to the healer within. Sessions generally last 1 hour and sliding scale fees are considered.

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Hands-On Healing & Reiki

The purpose of a hands-on-healing session is to attune the Mind/Body to it's highest vibration by awakening the positive and the good within. Just as massage works with the physical body to release tension, laying on of hands works with the subtle body to release tension in a deep and profound way. Reiki is a specific form of energy healing, whereby the practitioner draws the concentrated life force energy into the body for the purpose of releasing blocks and creating energetic alignment.

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Monthly Wise Women Circles

Monthly Women's Wisdom Gatherings have been created to support our sisters on the path of spiritual attunement and self-development. Come with your deepest longings and time to share open-heartedly with fellow sisters on the journey of self-discovery. In this sacred circle you will find love, support, and laughter. Simple and beautiful snacks will be served. Gatherings are held on the first Sunday of each month, from 12-3pm at Zev Yoga.

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